Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Most Filipinas shy away from red lips. The common reason being is that the women I've spoken to seem to end up with the wrong shade of red, so they just give up the search altogether. Thing is, I find this look so easy to pull off especially when done right. I've always been either a dark lipstick girl and bare face or smokey eyes and pale lips. The safe, in-between neutrals don't look good on me, in fact every time I attempt a nude face people wonder if I am sick or under the weather. Here are my tips for the woman who wants to try the red lip, or the woman who has always wanted to try but never had the guts...

fair-skinned Georgina Wilson

"morena"-skinned Patty Ortega

sometimes fair & sometimes not-so-fair Daphne Paez

freckly & fair-skinned Cheska Garcia-Kramer

  1. check out the photos from top to bottom, they pretty much represent the Filipina skin tone. Georgina Wilson - who is super fair-skinned, Patty Ortega - who is "morena", Daphne Osena-Paez - an even split, can get really fair or tan depending on her sun exposure, Cheka Garcia-Kramer - who's fair and freckly. Pick out the photo which best represents your skin tone and look closely at all their lips and notice the difference.
  2. Red lips will make your skin appear fairer. Two ways to warm up the skin are using a shade of foundation darker or dust your face with a bit of bronzer. If you stick to your usual shade of foundation, your complexion will appear whiter. Trust me, everytime you gaze into a mirror you might end up backing away from your reflection. Warm up your complexion to appear more approachable and feminine.
  3. Now that you've picked out the photo that closest represents your skin tone, the shade of red I used on each of them will pretty much narrow down your choices of the right red for you. Georgina who's the fairest looks best with reds that have a hint of brown. Patty's morena skin is enhanced with reds that have a hint of orange. Daphne looks best with reds that have a hint of pink. Cheka gets a dose of red that has a hint of coral.
  4. Can't decide on what texture works best for you? First consider the overall condition of your lips. Are you prone to dry, chapped lips? then stay away from matte textures. Do you tend to eat your lipstick? then avoid glossy textures which will have a tendency to slip off easily. Also consider the over-all look you are going for. Georgina is wearing a matte lip but that's because I used a gold shimmer on her eyelids. Patty is wearing a sheer satin texture to complement the "monochromatic" look I gave her. Her eyes and cheeks are stained with the same lip color. Daphne is wearing a super creamy long-wearing red to bring out the fullness of her lips which goes so well with her doe eyes lined with black liner. Cheka has the trickiest look to pull of - the glossy red lip paired with a single shade of matte eye shadow and one coat of mascara.
  5. Unfortunately, the best way to find your perfect red is to try try try. The best reds are from CHANEL, MAC, DIOR, SHU UEMURA (best selling shade world-wide is Red 170).
  6. Stay away from reds if: your teeth are yellowish, stained or discolored, reds will only magnify the condition of your teeth. Reds will also emphasize or make zits and breakouts more obvious so proceed with caution!
  7. Keep in mind that a strong lip is best paired with a bare face. Make sure eyebrows are groomed and lashes are pumped up with loads of mascara. This classic look, when pulled of right makes a woman appear fresh-faced and feminine, defining the phrase "less is more".