Thursday, April 2, 2009

Without batting a lash

Like most women, I am always on the hunt for a great mascara. What defines "great"? A non-waterproof kind that won't smudge and leave one looking like a raccoon, a waterproof kind you swim can in and won't make lashes grow thin in time. The wear and tear of using an eyelash curler PLUS mascara will eventually thin out your lashes. I should know, I worked for the brand which makes the number one curler in the world AND I've pretty much tried all the mascara choices in the market for the last 10 years or so.
Okay, so I have a thing for lashes. It's not just a "thing", let's just say that I am extremely obsessed with them. I've done eyelash extensions, false lashes, and just about every lash-related trend there is. If you too are obsessed with lashes, I've prepared a list of reminders before you make the move on the latest lash trend:
  • Eyelash extensions are awesome, eliminates the need for a lash curler and mascara. The drawback is that they are glued to your lashes (like hair extensions) which lead to breakage and falling out of your own lashes. Touch-ups are necessary every two weeks. What happens when you have no more lashes left?
  • Mascara has the shortest shelf life of all the makeup in your drawer/kit. The eyes are the most sensitive area of the face so toss out mascara that's been with you 6 months or more. When in doubt, smell it. If it smells like wax, toss toss toss!
  • If you only wear waterproof, give your lashes a break by switching to a non-waterproof kind for the evening. I've listed down the best non-waterproof kinds at the bottom.
  • Condition your lashes. Shu Uemura makes the best lash conditioner which strengthens, repairs and speeds up lash growth fast! Use it at night before going to bed, see results in 2 weeks if used daily.


  • To test run a waterproof mascara for its long wear-ability, hit the gym or get sweaty. If by the end of your work out your mascara has not smudged, then chances are it would stay put all day and all night. I particularly like this one of Maybeline because the bristles on the brush keep it clump-free.


  • During a recent shoot, fellow make-up artist/stylist Chechel Joson (MAX FACTOR) swapped makeup with me. I gave her some Shu Uemura eye shadows and she handed over the latest mascara by Max Factor. I personally am not too keen on non-waterproof kinds because my eyelids have a tendency to be super oily, but this one does not disappoint. In fact, I just purchased the waterproof version of it because I love it so much. Rinses off easily with a foaming cleanser.


  • There are times though when I just don't get why a star product would be discontinued or renovated. A favorite of many is Maybelline's great lash. Not only is it super affordable, but the waterproof formula is loved by many. It's become a staple and household name throughout the years. Correct me if I am wrong when I say this has been discontinued. BOO...

  • Aside from length, I'm a sucker for mascara that gives lots of volume sans the clump. Another rinse off formula is this one from Shu Uemura. The creamy texture reminds me of squid ink and adds ooooomph to skinny lashes.