Monday, November 17, 2008

Head Trip

I woke up one morning to find my hair caught in one big tangled mess. Drastic as it may sound, I had my waist-length hair chopped to a bob. We're talking about 12 inches all scattered on the floor and me biting down on my lower lip. I had nobody to blame but me, given that I don't brush my hair or use product aside from shampoo. I was into that whole surfer-chick look after seeing Blue Crush and my hair, having a mind of it's own, looks best with no products at all. I don't use conditioner, nor do I own a hair dryer. I'm really a wash-and-wear kind of girl and quite low-maintenance where tresses are involved. It's been almost 2 years and I want my long hair right now. It's all about targeting specific key ingredients and knowing what benefits your type of hair will receive. In my case, I've got an oily scalp, tons of fine hair that goes limp with conditioner or any hair treatment. Certain brands of shampoo make me break-out around the hairline so finding the right shampoo has become somewhat of a physical challenge.


Biotin shampoo by NATURE's GATE

This shampoo delivers more than it promises. It is rehab for hair that has been abused by straightening irons, curling irons, dyeing, name it. Maybe you just had a baby and had your hair fall out. Maybe you suddenly want long hair (like me!). Or maybe your hairline is starting to (GULP!) recede.
LOADED: Biotin (Vitamin H) helps stimulate hair growth and improve quality of weakened hair. Add amino acids to that and the result is vibrant, healthy-looking hair.


De stress Muesli & Yogurt shampoo by DAVINES

I have to remind myself that this shampoo isn't edible. In as much as I love eating yogurt with muesli, I am also lactose intolerant. You can just imagine my delight when I actually found this in a salon. Hair that starts to thin or shed more than it's supposed to is the result of being stressed. I know someone whose scalp has turned sensitive because of stress, she writhes in pain when she gets a blow-out. Awesome for frequent everyday use.
SWALLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK: Yogurt, wheat proteins, calendula and hop extract make it your hair's breakfast of champions.


Lavender Nourishing Shampoo by AVALON ORGANICS

My latest discovery after having a bout with flaky scalp as a result of bathing in hard water. My eyes nearly fell out of it's sockets upon seeing BETA GLUCAN as it's active ingredient. As you rinse of you will immediately feel your strands and scalp being revived. It's an awesome clarifying shampoo that zaps life back into your hair. Not only does it smell heavenly, you won't believe how smooth your hair can be.
FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Beta Glucan comes from oats which promotes healing and stimulates collagen.

Tourmaline Hair brush at SEPHORA

Tourmaline is more widely known as a gemstone crystal. The bristles of this special brush are made of it. Compared to a regular brush it provides a variety of benefits that, when heated (using a hair dryer) releases negative ions and infra-red heat that banishes frizz, increases the shine and speeds up your drying process. It breaks down water molecules to evenly distribute more moisture to the hair.
STROKE IT: I still don't own a hair dryer but brushing away stimulates heat and friction to activate the tourmaline.