Monday, September 6, 2010

Quick-change Artist

Women are constantly asking me what's the best way to transition their look from day to night. Simplify your life ladies! First take a good look at your day-to-day routine. Do you have a 9-5 job that leaves you no room to go home to freshen up? Are you always on the go and keep a stack of shoes and bags in the car? If so, read on I'll simplify it for you.



The quickest way to transition from day to night is bright lips. It's really a no-brainer, you just need to muster up the courage to wear a color you normally won't wear during the day time. The shock of color instantly brightens up the face like it does Diane Kruger. She's still fresh-faced with no makeup on but looks like she's straight out of a period film with fuller brows and classic red mouth. Keep everything to a minimum and skip eyeshadow all together, load up on mascara and make sure you're ready to flash those chompers. This look is NOT for those with blemishes as the red accentuates any inflammation that a blemish brings. Not for those with stained or yellowish teeth either. Don't forget to warm up the complexion with bronzer.


3 snaps in a Z formation if you pull this look off!

If you're skilled with a makeup brush and liquid liner or any eyeliner, this look intensifies the gaze and brings high-voltage drama to any outfit. The plus side to having dramatic or defined eyes is that you need not worry about touching up your lipstick and you'll always look amazing in photos even from afar. It takes more practice to perfect a smokey eye and if done wrong will result in looking like someone punched you out. Tip: trace the entire eye with pencil eyeliner then set with the same color eyeshadow, finish off with LOTS of mascara or falsies if you can. Keep q-tips in your purse handy for any gunk that gathers in the corners of your eyes. This is not for the faint of heart: When in doubt, go all out!

(Notice how I used two totally opposite looks worn by Diane Kruger above. It's simple: If you wear dark lips during the day, then a nude lip/strong eye at night gives as much impact as doing the opposite. The best thing is that there are no rules! just simple guidelines to make life easier for you!)


crowning glory

Do you normally wear your hair down? Turn heads and elongate your neck with a textured updo (center) or a french twist with a twist like Nicole Richie does (right most). This works best with halter tops, one-shoulder dresses or backless numbers. It instantly lifts everything including your mood. Secret tip: It's a face lift without the pain, just don't pull the hair back too tight unless you wanna get a migraine. Don't obsess about it being too perfect. The reason why this looks amazing is because Nicole looks like she did it herself! Effortless!


let it down

I used to be one of those women running around in a wet ponytail. That was until I chopped it all off! For those who can't make that drastic switch, do the opposite of Nicole and let it hang loose like Leighton (center). Make it look a little bit more sophisticated by pushing it to one side in a braid or just let it be if your hair is naturally wavy. Tip: braid hair while it's still damp AND THEN put it up during the day. This omits the trouble of having to bring a curling iron with you. Best for those who need some hair to frame the face and graze a bare shoulder or strapless neckline.

skin is in

If your day wear consists of dress shirts, pants & other corporate attire, you might wanna take some of it off at night. Of course it all depends on where you're going, but a flash of skin never hurt anybody. Plunging neckline instantly lengthens the torso (red) and lots of leg (purple) shows off all that running and working out you've been doing. Blake Lively pulls both looks off (white) in one outfit and still manages to look so feminine and sweet!


lotsa layers

Do you live in denim shorts or cargo pants? Or are you simply not the girly-girl girl? Take cue from Alexa Chung who snazzes up the same shorts with a boyfriend pea coat, schoolgirl top & tights. Or you can raid your boyfriend's closet and wear nothing but his cardigan (of course it's not really just nothing!) and push the envelope further by taking the term "black tie" to a whole new level (far right). Just cause you're not in the mood to show some skin doesn't mean you can't look feminine and cool.